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Ethospace 2-Way 90Deg Connector-62" High

2-Way 90Deg Connector-62" High
Item# cnec2_90-62
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Product Description

* E1220.__
* This connector joins 2 frames of equal or unequal heights.
* Connector is unfinished and will require addtional ordering of Top Cap and 2-way Connector Cover.

* When connecting frames of unequal heights, specify connector height to match height of higher frame.
* When frame is not same height as connector, order change-of-height finished end (cnehfe-16) separately.
* When Ordering you must also order Top Cap (cnetc-90-2)
* Also Connector Cover (cnecc-2-??) will also need to be ordered to match existing colors
* * As well as 2-way Base Trim Cover (cnec2-BT)