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AO2 Connectors USED

AO2 Connectors USED
All Connectors in this section are USED. Herman Miller AO2 is the second line of Cubicles offered by Herman Miller, which replace AO1 panel systems. When ordering connectors for AO1 panels, the sizes noted represent the "Panel Core" size and not the actual size of the panels. For instance if your panel from top to bottom measures 66"h you would order connectors for 67"h panels.

Many times in used we will not offer a color choice as we are usually limited to what is available or in stock at the time. The most common colors in AO2 are MT (Medium Tone = milk chocolate in color) and LT (Light Tone = Cream color).

For more information or to confirm what you are ordering please feel free to call one of our Customer Service associates at 832-539-2240 and they will be more than happy to assist you in ordering the correct parts.

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