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The PREMISE line was first introduced in the late 1990's as an alternative to the standard lines of Haworth. There are two different versions of this system. At this time we are only able to mainly stock parts for the Classic Style or "Original Version" of the Premise Line. However, we are getting more of the "Enhanced" Premise in stock and through our vendors. If you need the newer version call our offices at 832-539-2240 or E-mail us with the link below and we will get back to you.

NOTE: As of 12/31/2011 Haworth is no longer making parts for the Classic version of Haworth Premise Cubicles.

Since Haworth has stopped production on the orginal version of Premise we currently do not have a NEW or ReFurbished alternative for this sytem. We are continually looking for more options and products to offer our customers. As we find these new vendors we hope to introduce a NEW/REFURBISHED option.